Chilton Care Centre

Here at Chilton Care Centre we have been busy going out on trips with most of the residents. We have had four afternoon trips to our local seaside resort, Seaton Carew where the residents enjoyed fish and chips from the famous “Almighty Cod”, and a nice stroll along the promenade with ice-cream. Last week we visited the “Flying Scotsman” at Shildon Railway Museum. The residents really enjoyed this and spent most of the time reminiscing. We have just made a miniature golf course; the residents have had a great time in the garden cheering each other on and the winner receives a trophy for the week.

We have just had our summer fayre (20th August) where we had Dale from Emmerdale hosting a hi-de-hi production in his VW van, providing hot dogs and candyfloss. A few months ago the residents planted some vegetables, which are growing very nicely and it won’t be long until they are ready to be handed over to the kitchen. We have a couple of trips planned this month and we are hoping to take some residents to Seaham to see the sculpture of a 1st world soldier.

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