Bonchester News July 2016

May and June 2016 have been busy months for Staff and Residents at Barrow Hall. Some new staff starters have joined our Team. Other staff, myself included have had training on behaviour that challenges and distraction techniques. Getting our own training package together to offer a training package to other Homes in the Group. I have also been working on our ‘ Recovery Star Model’, with our New Residents, making some ‘tweeks’ to our assessments. On a Monday we have regular outings to Cleethorpes for tea then a ‘Disco’ in the evening, where we meet Service Users from other Units. We have also introduced a new activity out at a Golf Driving Range, I have been taking one of the new Residents and a couple of others every week as this is a little exercise and serves as good team building for them and is proving very popular, especially with our new Resident. We have had a second barbeque of the year with a ‘Disco’ outside in the afternoon. The Residents are looking forward to the next one soon. Some trips to the seaside have started this month, whilst Mike and Carla are busy organising their Residents holidays. Mike goes down to Dorset with his Team and Carla and I go to Blackpool for a good old fashioned seaside holiday, weather permitting.

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