August at Bonchester

We would like to say a huge thank-you to all who donated to help us raise funds at the Car Boot Sale. Lisa and Kate attended and we raised £132.00 for our residents comfort fund, we had a great day. The Fit Borders Programme is going very well. Our residents are taking part in a gentle exercise programme which is in time to music, there is exercise for all whether it be sat in a chair or a wheelchair, its lovely to see them being so animated and encouraging to the others. We had our residents meeting on 12/8/16 where Trish discussed with our residents any activities that they would like to happen, some have asked for Flower Arranging, some stated that they would like to go on long walks, some said a run in the car would be nice. We are doing our utmost to accommodate all hobbies. At Bonchester we are very lucky to have such beautiful grounds and amazing views of the Border countryside we thought it would be a lovely idea to create a memory garden, somewhere where our residents and their families can sit and enjoy the peacefulness whilst surrounded by year round flowers and plants, we are also planning to plant a rose for those that we have cared for and miss very much. We celebrated Ellen Robinsons 96th Birthday on 6/8/16, she had a wonderful day with her family and our amazing cook Michelle baked and decorated a lovely cake which all the residents enjoyed with their tea. Our next church service is on 26/8/16, our local minister Rev Douglas Nicol visits monthly and we all enjoy a lovely service of well remembers verses and hymns and of course a cup of tea and some home baking afterwards. Some of our residents enjoy reading all with varied choices of books, we got in touch with the mobile library and they will be visiting on a regular basis so our residents have access to books of their choice, we have also built on our talking books selection this benefits all the residents who are very much enjoying listening to the articles and discussing afterwards what is happening in the world. Lisa and Debbie attended a 2 day course on the subject of Dementia, it was an enlightening experience and showed us how we can benefit our residents with some simple changes, we will build on our skills and knowledge to enhance the wellbeing of all our residents.

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