Our care Activities

Care Home Activities for Our Residents

We encourage and support our residents to continue enjoying their life and hobbies with us. Whether you want to keep up a hobby that you have had all through your life or try something new, we have a great range of activities on offer at all of our care homes. Because we believe in the individual, we alter our activities according to the preferences of the residents in each home, so if there is something that you love, tell us! We are here for you.

What activities can you do in a care home?

Don’t think that being in a care home will curtail all the pleasures that you love. In fact, many of our residents find that living in a supportive environment gives them more time and energy to spend enjoy hobbies and activities. We encourage our residents to participate in group activities, however, we know that some people are happier in their own company, so the choice always remains firmly with you. Our activities vary according to the care home, as we gear our groups towards the particular interests of our residents.

We use a mixture of external people (COVID permitting) and our own staff to bring you a wide range of different pastimes. When possible, we also arrange trips and days out to enjoy the local attractions in the area.


What are the benefits of activities?

The benefits of keeping body and mind active are well-researched. Gentle exercise can be a great boost to health, and our exercise is tailored for the elderly, from chairobics to seated yoga. Residents can join in as much or as little as they can manage, and all our activities are run to be inclusive and achievable by as many residents as possible.

Keeping our minds active through crafts or games can help to keep our minds healthy. From painting to poetry we offer something for everyone!


Come and join the fun!

At St Philips Care we want everyone to enjoy themselves. We value the individual so we never impose a timetable upon people. We always offer everyone the opportunity to get involved in the activities in our care homes, but we never insist. If you just want to sit and read the paper, we will make sure that you get your favourite paper. If you want to join the knitting group, we will make sure that you can.

If you have a passion for an activity that we don’t currently offer in our care homes just ask! We will always do our best to make sure that your preferences are catered to.

We all have different tastes and enjoy different hobbies and past times, and this understanding of the individual runs through the core of all our care homes. In all our care homes we offer personalised care so that your needs and your wishes are at the forefront of everything that we do. If you are considering whether a care home is the right fit for you, why not book a visit and see what we can offer for yourself.